Recommended Resources For Learning Bitcoin

In the recent weeks I did have many people asking me for recommender resources for learning Bitcoin from the techology side.

Here is a list of learning resources that I can recommend:

  • “Mastering Bitcoin” by Andreas M. Antonopoulos, purchase link:, free version online: This is a very approachable for anyone wanting to learn details of how Bitcoin works under the hood, so far I have read it twice 🙂

  • Official Bitcoin developer documentation online: This is the first resource you can look at any time you stumble upon a problem. There are more or less 2 sections, first one is the broad introduction into the Bitcoin subject, the other one is the technical details and specifications

  • Bitcoin BIPs: When working with or implementing specific BIP feature, you should keep at least one tab opened with documentation available there

  • MOOC course “BTC-Tech: Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies” free online: AFAIK this is the first public edition of this course, so far the material is pretty much the same as the “Masering Bitcoin” book. In some cases the lecturers focus more on different topics and in some cases, the book covers it in more detail. The course has both Youtube videos and there is a accompanying book. This is good course to complement the “Mastering Bitcoin” book.

  • More reading: Quite a long list of further learning resources