Running Playframework! on Raspberry Pi

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Recently I wanted to see if it’s possible to run applications written in Scala and Playframework! on my Raspberry Pi

1. Java installation

My Raspi was installed from raspbian image which had java already installed, if you need to install it yourself you can either do that manually (remember to choose ARM package) or use automated script like, OAB-Java ( )

2. Build application locally

This step doesn’t differ on raspi, the command is the same

3. Deploy archive

You can use scp or any other way to get archive deployed

4. Running

After extracting archive, run script called start

5. Summary

There are no problems in getting Java, Scala or Playframework to work on Raspberry Pi

Obviously you’ll see massive performance drop going from normal systems to raspi, initial loading of simple “Hello World” application takes about 20 seconds, and handling of the first request takes additional 8 seconds.

Not one will use it for production uses, but I think it might be good idea in some uses, I’ll definitely continue with exproing it further for my own projects.